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Royal Forklifts

Welcome to Royal Forklifts a China built forklift with a difference. Quality, reliability and refinements not seen in many other similar brands.

Royal do not mass produce to a low cost, instead high quality components with modern designs and features is what places the Royal Forklifts in a class of their own.

Suspension chassis reduction of vibration and noise

Hydraulic levers placed directly beside the operator

Stylish modern counterweight

Larger than most water tank and airflow improving cooling and heat release

25% larger foot operation space

Hidden hose design for increased mast visibility

LED lighting system



We are looking for dealers throughout the UK to promote this fantastic brand of quality affordable forklifts. As a UK based exclusive importer we want to hear from you and discuss how these machines will not only benefit your local customers but also your business. Email us at



Mast Intelligent Buffering System

With intelligently declining buffer sensor on the two ends of the cylinder, the falling speed of the fork slows down automatically before it is 10cm from the ground, and the lifting speed to the top also slows down to avoid quick hit on the top. This greatly increases the safety of the goods and forklifts.

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